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Our members decide themselves, if their name (with or without E-Mail) is displayed on this list.

The list is ordered alphabetically.

Name Role Contact Member type Company

Bannert Matthias Private
Bovey Michel Private
Buchli Reto Private
Bussmann Tobias Members manager t(dot)bussmann(at)gmx(dot)net Private
Clavadetscher Charles Treasurer clavadetscher(at)swisspug(dot)org Private
Geppert Andreas Vice-president Private
Hahn Nicolas hahnn(at)erios(dot)org Private
Keller Stefan sfkeller(at)hsr(dot)ch Private
Lenz Karsten karsten(dot)lenz(at)condair(dot)com Private
McDougall Steven mcdougall(at)bluemail(dot)ch Private
Meyer Robert Private
Niederöst Markus Private
Pepa Mirko Company Profile GmbH
Pereira Flavio hack(dot)dev(at)pm(dot)me Private
Schönig Hans-Jürgen hs(at)cybertec(dot)at Company Cybertec PG Database Switzerland GmbH
Sescu Ricardo William william(dot)sescu(at)suva(dot)ch Private
Vernon Greg Private
Wagner Stephan swagner(at)itos-gmbh(dot)com Private
Wanner Markus President markus(at)bluegap(dot)ch Private
Westermann Daniel daniel(dot)westermann(at)dbi-services(dot)com Company dbi services
Westermann Daniel Events manager daniel(dot)westermann(at)dbi-services(dot)com Private