General Assembly 2020

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  1. Opening (Markus Wanner)
  2. Election of vote counters (All)
  3. Report of Activities in 2019 (Markus Wanner)
  4. Discussion and vote: Approval of last assembly's minutes (All)
  5. Presentation and discussion: Accounting Statements 2019 (Charles Clavadetscher/All)
  6. Presentation and discussion: Audit Report (Robert Meyer/All)
  7. Vote: Approval of Financial Report (All)
  8. Budget Swiss PGDay 2020: Due to the unexpected Coronavirus crisis the Swiss PGDay 2020 is cancelled. There is no PGDay budget to dicuss about.
  9. Presentation and discussion: Budget 2020 (Charles Clavadetscher/All)
  10. Vote: Approval of the Budget 2020 (All)
  11. Vote: Discharge of the Board (All)
  12. Announcement on availability of board members (All)
  13. Election of the Board and its President (All)
  14. Election of a Statutory Auditor (All)
  15. Activities 2020 (All):
    • Technical Events
    • Social Events
    • Special 5th Anniversary of SwissPUG
    • Virtualization of SwissPUG events
  16. Varia
  17. Closing (Markus Wanner)