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[[File:Swisspug qrcode.png|thumb]]
'''E-Mail''': info(at)swisspug(dot)org
'''E-Mail''': info(at)swisspug(dot)org
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Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group<br/>
Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group<br/>
c/o [[User:Charles|Charles Clavadetscher]]<br/>
c/o [[User:Charles|Charles Clavadetscher]]<br/>
Neugasse 84<br/>
Spitzackestrasse 9<br/>
CH - 8005 Zürich
CH - 8057 Zürich
'''Membership and Account Information'''
'''Membership and Account Information'''

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E-Mail: info(at)swisspug(dot)org

Paper Mail:

Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group
c/o Charles Clavadetscher
Spitzackestrasse 9
CH - 8057 Zürich

Membership and Account Information

You are welcome to join the association using our registration tool. If you would like to support us you may also consider to make a donation. Our account information for that purpose:

Account Owner : Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group
IBAN          : CH11 0900 0000 6152 7599 2
In Switzerland: Postscheckkonto 61-527 599-2

Thank you very much!

Mailing Lists:

The easiest way to keep informed on what is going on in SwissPUG is to subscribe to our mailing lists:

  • discuss
This is our primary channel of communication for discussion and is open to everybody.
Subscribe: http://mailman.swisspug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/discuss or send an E-Mail to announce-join(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org.
Post: discuss(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org].
You can also browse the archives.
Unsubscribe: http://mailman.swisspug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/discuss: enter your E-Mail and click unsubscribe.
  • announce
This is where we plan to announce events related to SwissPUG. While everybody can subscribe to receive messages, posting is restricted to the board and people organizing events.
Subscribe: http://mailman.swisspug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/announce or send an E-Mail to announce-join(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org.
Post: If you think that you should be able to post on the list, please contact the board using the board mailing list: board(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org.
You can also browse the archives.
Unsubscribe: http://mailman.swisspug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/announce: enter your E-Mail and click unsubscribe.
  • board
This is where you can reach the board when you want to submit questions, requests or whatever needs to be discussed in that group. Everybody can post his or her message, but you will not be able to subscribe, since the target audience is limited to the board members. Accordingly the archives are only accessible to board list members.
Post: board(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org

If you have any problem using the lists contact us using the mail address at the beginning of this page.