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The board is elected by the general assembly for a term of one year.

You can contact the board as a whole using our board mailing list: board(at)lists(dot)swisspug(dot)org.

Current Members

Role Name Contact

President Wanner Markus markus(at)bluegap(dot)ch
Vice-president Geppert Andreas geppert(at)acm(dot)org
Treasurer Clavadetscher Charles clavadetscher(at)swisspug(dot)org
Members manager Bussmann Tobias t(dot)bussmann(at)gmx(dot)net
Events manager Westermann Daniel daniel(dot)westermann(at)dbi-services(dot)com

Board Members History

Name Role Period

Buchli Reto Vice-president 10.04.2015 - 03.04.2019