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Swiss PGDay 2022

Friday, July 1st, 2022
OST Campus Rapperswil (Map)

The Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group (SwissPUG) is a group of people sharing an interest in promoting the usage of the open source database system PostgreSQL. SwissPUG is an association according to the Swiss Civil Law (ZGB Art. 60 ff). You will find more information about how the association is organized and which goals it follows, spread on various pages of this wiki. However, this all is still work in progress.

This wiki is the preferred way to centralize information and to coordinate activities between the contributors. If you wish to contribute, please send an E-Mail to our Administrator (admin(at)swisspug(dot)org) indicating the user name that you want to use. You will then receive a response with an initial password. After the first login you will be prompted to change the password.

To keep informed about activities consider subscribing to our discussion and announce mailing lists.

Switzerland is a multilanguage country. For that reason we encourage the usage of English for this wiki, instead of writing and synchronizing all texts in the national langugages. The choice of English is due to the undisputable fact that most people working in IT use this language in their everyday business. In addition we want these pages to be open for an international audience. Of course, if you contribute you are free to use the Swiss national language of your choice instead of English. Just be aware that some people may not be able to understand it.


Die Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group (SwissPUG) ist eine Gruppe, die ein gemeinsames Interesse an der Verbreitung des Open Source Datenbank Systems PostgreSQL hat. Die SwissPUG ist ein Verein nach Schweizer Recht. Weitere Informationen zum Verein und dessen Zielen sind auf diesem Wiki zu finden.


Le Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group (SwissPUG) est un groupe dont le but est de promouvoir la diffusion du système de gestion de bases de données Open Source PostgreSQL à travers la Suisse. Le SwissPUG est une association régie par le droit civil suisse. Vous trouverez de plus amples informations à propos de l'association et de ses buts sur cette page Wiki.


Il Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group (SwissPUG) è un gruppo di persone interessate alla propagazione del sistema di banca dati open source PostgreSQL in Svizzera. Il SwissPUG è un'associazione conforme alla legislazione civile svizzera. Informazioni sulle attività in corso e sugli obiettivi dell'associazione si trovano sulle pagine di questo wiki.


La Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group (SwissPUG) è ina gruppa che ha in interess cuminaivel vi da la derasaziun dal sistem da banca da datas Open Source PostgreSQL en Svizra. La SwissPUG è in’uniun tenor dretg civil svizzer. Ulteriuras infurmaziuns en connex cun l’uniun e lur finamiras chattais Vus sin quest Wiki.