General Assembly 2021

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  1. Opening (Markus Wanner)
  2. Election of vote counters (All)
  3. Report of Activities in 2020 (Markus Wanner)
  4. Discussion and vote: Approval of last assembly's minutes (All)
  5. Presentation and discussion: Accounting Statements 2020 (Charles Clavadetscher/All)
  6. Presentation and discussion: Audit Report (Robert Meyer/All)
  7. Vote: Approval of Financial Report (All)
  8. Presentation: Cooperation with PGEU for the Swiss PGDay (All)
  9. Presentation and discussion: Budget 2021 (Charles Clavadetscher/All)
  10. Vote: Approval of the Budget 2021 (All)
  11. Vote: Discharge of the Board (All)
  12. Announcement on availability of board members (All)
    1. Charles Clavadetscher (treasurer) will not stand for re-election. Charles commits to being available to the new elected treasurer for support until he or she can act completely independently.
  13. Election of the Board and its President (All)
  14. Election of a Statutory Auditor (All)
  15. Change of Association's address
    1. Context: The bylaws indicates the address of the association in art. 1 as Zurich. So far the association used the address of the treasurer as association address. With the change in the board it is necessary to modify article 1 to keep it more flexible. The board submits the following modification to article 1 of the bylaws to the vote of the assembly:
    2. Current: Unter dem Namen "Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group" (SwissPUG) besteht ein Verein im Sinne von Art. 60 ff. ZGB mit Sitz in Zürich.
    3. New: Unter dem Namen "Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group" (SwissPUG) besteht ein Verein im Sinne von Art. 60 ff. ZGB. Der Sitz des Vereins ist die Wohnadresse des amtierenden Kassiers.
  16. Activities 2021 (All):
    1. Technical Events
    2. Social Events
    3. Special 5th Anniversary of SwissPUG (surrogate for impossibility in Covid-year 2020)
    4. Virtualization of SwissPUG events
  17. Varia
  18. Closing (Markus Wanner)